The Mission

Is your team a mess or a success?

Does the team deliver on time? Are you able to achieve the goals? Are you staying within the budget? Do you understand your clients? Are they happy?…

In the age of no boundaries, removed by the Internet, telecommuting is a fast growing area.

It provides people with a chance to work for companies while avoiding long commutes or other stressors of going to the office every day. It brought new markets to places that were never imagined before. It ignited the creation of hugely successful global spots, full of talented people that mostly work from home or work as a part of remote teams.

Companies, on the other hand, are able to target the best talent, located outside of Silicon Valley or any other well-known center.

With this in mind, why so many corporations of different sizes and cultures avoid hiring remote personnel?
The answer is simple – most companies focus too much on technology and not enough on the process.

This is where our expertise stands up.

We are a squad of experienced executives who established and orchestrated software development teams for more than 2 decades. We have led crews that built front-end applications, backend systems, mobile applications on Android and iPhone, AI-backed solutions, blockchain architectures, big data, communication, chat services, chatbots, standalone solutions and more.

We assess, tune and mentor American, Canadian, European, Israeli, Russian, and Ukrainian teams to become swiss-tool delivery machines.

We have developed a unique arrange, act and assert procedure which leads teams from chaos to completely autonomous functioning (with or without management assistance).

We lead teams from chaos to completely autonomous functioning.

We are here for you, to help getting the most out of your business idea.

  • Do you have a development team on-site?
  • Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your business?
  • Are you considering to hire an offshore team?
  • Do you have concerns about establishing the right process?
  • Are you having problems with delivering in time?

We will help you with all the above and anything that comes in between.

Send us an email or live us a message and we will be committed to helping.

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