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Do good developers perform faster or work better?

The most common misconception is that developers are all about writing code.

The approach affects the ability to build a good team which communicates and delivers quality code.

developer, a professional, if you will, is a collection of tools one should master equally:

  • Speed, one closes tasks
  • Code quality and readability
  • Ability to run a research
  • Ability to communicate with teammates on technical or social topics
  • Ability to expose a problem to the management (requires a lot of self-confidence)
  • Ability to study
  • Good ability to explain in verbal and written form his/her work
  • Motivation, ownership, etc.

A good developer is not a point-and-shoot device (or sit-and-code machine) but an investment you make in an asset that should be part of the production process for 3–5 years (at least).

That’s why it is recommended to check all the factors and not the coding alone.

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