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I am a new CEO in a tech company replacing the old one. We have a ping-pong table at the office and, sometimes, my developers spend a whole day playing the game. What should I do?

Well, the table is not a problem.

Ask yourself if the team delivers what the company asks for in a timely manner.

In case that works fine, raise and enjoy the result.

  • Join the game with the team – earn trust. It will show, you are a human being as everybody else. It will display loyalty to the team. It will establish a connection with the people. It will allow you to say “we’ve played hard let’s work hard now!”.
  • Speak with the dev team to see you stay on track of the schedule. Maintain clear goals with the team and allow them to reach the goals by themselves.
  • The dev team works hard to make things happen. Let them build their own working culture.

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