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I am the only one in the office on saturdays, I notice that my production is higher by myself. How can I be this productive with others in the office?

Is it related to tasks context changing? Meaning – people asking your opinion and help or different projects and activities.

Alternatively – it most likely to be connected to the general background noise in the office.

In case of the responsibilities that involve communication with people in the office, unfortunately, you have no choice but getting used to the

In the alternative case, there are actually a couple of creative ways to achieve it.

Speak with your manager, show the results of your work and convince that silence brings more productive results.

  • Ask for an isolated office or being a part of an isolated team.
  • Ask to work on night shifts (some people like it). I’ve been working night shifts for 10 months to be able to concentrate on education.
  • Moving your desk away from reception, entrance door, hallways helps too.
  • The old good headphones+music approach works well too.
  • I have Bose noise-canceling headphones and while it does not block people talk, it does make the feeling more peaceful.
  • The last option – working from home. Telecommuting is becoming very popular. People and companies see it as a legitimate option. Ask for it. Do not start from 100% time at home. You might not be prepared for it. Start with a day a week and see how it goes.

Every problem can be solved with a creative solution.

Be creative!

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