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Should I fire a person for copy pasting from Stack Overflow?

Everybody is really obsessed with firing these days.

The point is – firing never helps.

Firing is a sign that something else is broken in the company. It is the sign that management is not capable of fixing the situation.

Possible reasons may be:

  • Incorrect hiring process – underqualified hire.
  • Incorrect onboarding – the developer has never received a proper explanation of the code and technology.
  • Incorrect estimations – a lot of tasks being assessed incorrectly. As result – high pressure on fixing in time.
  • No clear definition of code quality and work process.

Healthy teams do not fire. Healthy teams adapt.

Invite the person for a talk. Speak about the situation. Let the person talk. Try to understand the reason. Explain why it is bad for the team from the business perspective. Try to avoid sounding like an angry parent. Be soft on the person and hard on the problem.

My experience shows that 95% of such talks DO fix the problem forever and, as result, you receive a loyal team member.


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