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What makes a good leader?

A good leader is one that stays for a long time.
An interesting point, right?
This is actually the most important thing people miss.
A lot of people remember their “best ever” bosses, which in fact left before hitting 6 or 5 or even 4 months mark. 
Why do I refer to the time a manager keeps up with the company?
Because half a year is actually the time things start to get changing. It either gets better or falls down in pieces.
Until then, one can run a team using charisma, nice stories from the past, excuses that he/she is new and has to catch up with the company and technology.
In half a year people start actually expecting results, deliveries, and changes.
In some cases, companies do not care about their teams which allow managers to survive for longer times without delivering anything.
Why is it so important?
Because war is where good leaders shine.
In order to assess a manager, one should always ask how many problems the team solved, how many products delivered, how many times clients were not satisfied, how many times a situation was in danger and how many times the big boss was not happy… really not happy.
  • Magnifying glass. He exposes good team members to the management by giving them credit for team achievements.
  • Filter. A good manager does not transfer every problem up the pyramid. Problems are not passed until they attempted to be solved inside the team first.
  • Guardian. Management’s complains are not transferred to the team but absorbed or bounced back with a reasonable explanation.
  • Santa. He’s nice and kind but nobody wants to make fun of him.
  • Team player. He’s a part of the team, he says “we” and not “them”. Team’s success is а part of his daily agenda.
  • Priest. Every internal conflict is solved in a creative way that satisfies all sides.
  • Rockstar. Great leaders inspire to take actions.
  • Negotiator. Good leaders share their opinion, let the team member talk, listen and guide towards a solution. They turn opponents into supporters by making them part of the solution.
  • Mentor. A good manager recognizes talented people, help them grow personally and professionally. He gives honest public compliments and direct private comments.

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