Should you manage an offshore development yourself or give it to the 103 squad?

Building the corporate culture The biggest decision companies usually face upon adding an offshore team – how should it be integrated into the existing corporate structure? Should it be under the same umbrella or should it be considered an outside team? Will it affect the team performance and motivation? Should the existing HR be involved or should it be a local one? Do not experiment with your time. Do not take chances that affect the final goal – being an effective business. What […]

Why is offshore development beneficial?

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“If you are looking for cost-effectiveness, you should look elsewhere”. Optimizing the development process can bring much more savings in the long run than hiring a whole team of cheaper developers. Why is that? That’s because the monthly price, compared to the level of quality you want to receive, compared to the management approach you have to adapt (a different country with a different culture) give you no advantage. So what is offshore good for, anyway? The total winner is […]


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The Mission

Is your team a mess or a success? Does the team deliver on time? Are you able to achieve the goals? Are you staying within the budget? Do you understand your clients? Are they happy?… In the age of no boundaries, removed by the Internet, telecommuting is a fast growing area. It provides people with a chance to work for companies while avoiding long commutes or other stressors of going to the office every day. It brought new markets to […]