What makes a good leader?

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A good leader is one that stays for a long time. An interesting point, right? This is actually the most important thing people miss. A lot of people remember their “best ever” bosses, which in fact left before hitting 6 or 5 or even 4 months mark.    Why do I refer to the time a manager keeps up with the company? Because half a year is actually the time things start to get changing. It either gets better or […]

Micromanagement in an agile environment. Is it possible?

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The biggest nightmare of an agile team is a micromanager. This type of a manager does not necessarily mean the person is bad. They are nice and funny and smart and hardworking and think that everything has to be double-checked. Everything has to be double-checked. Every document has to be prepared ahead of time and sent for verification. They read the text very carefully and fix the structure, meaning, order and punctuation. they send you the highlighted results back and ask to correct […]