I am the only one in the office on saturdays, I notice that my production is higher by myself. How can I be this productive with others in the office?

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Is it related to tasks context changing? Meaning – people asking your opinion and help or different projects and activities. Alternatively – it most likely to be connected to the general background noise in the office. In case of the responsibilities that involve communication with people in the office, unfortunately, you have no choice but getting used to the In the alternative case, there are actually a couple of creative ways to achieve it. Speak with your manager, show the results of your […]

Why is offshore development beneficial?

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“If you are looking for cost-effectiveness, you should look elsewhere”. Optimizing the development process can bring much more savings in the long run than hiring a whole team of cheaper developers. Why is that? That’s because the monthly price, compared to the level of quality you want to receive, compared to the management approach you have to adapt (a different country with a different culture) give you no advantage. So what is offshore good for, anyway? The total winner is […]